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Anne Fruedendahl, Age 60

"Everybody said, what are you doing?

Using the BodyFlex system, I started at 18 and I went to a size 6.  I never, ever thought I'd fit into a size 6 jeans. I don't think I wore a 6 when I was 10.

You know, sometimes it's hard to believe when things are just simple that they really do work.  This works. It's priceless for me.  It's given me back the, my self-esteem, my wanting to look at myself in the mirror to see what I look like 'cause I would, I would avoid mirrors like everything.

I ordered it so that I could prove that you were wrong because I knew, sure, it works for you, you look great, but it's not gonna work for me. And so I measured when I started. And then when I measured at the end of the second week I had lost the inches and I was just absolutely... I couldn't believe it.

I tried BodyFlex. It works, it's simple, it's easy. It works!"