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The GymBar: Faster, Better Results

GymBar | Deep Breathing | Healthy Meal Plan | Greer Childers

BodyFlex Your Inch Loss Solution The powerful combination of deep breathing plus resistance and diet gets you faster, quicker results — that's why Greer Childers created the GymBar. It's a resistance bar designed to be used while sitting down. The GymBar exercises target the areas women want to firm and tone: upper abs, lower abs, waist, hips, thighs and upper arms.

Gym BarOnly Minutes A Day, Sitting Down
The entire BodyFlex program can be done while sitting down. This includes the deep breathing and the GymBar resistance exercises. It's easy and it's fast. All of the directions are printed in pictures right on the GymBar (see photo).

So Easy, Virtually Anyone Can Do It
Greer Childers You can do the BodyFlex program in just minutes a day, all while sitting on your couch and watching your favorite television program. Plus, the GymBar's unique rolling feature that adds approximately 5 lbs per roll, allows you to progress and keep losing inches as you get stronger.

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