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About Greer Childers, Creator of BodyFlex

GymBar | Deep Breathing | Healthy Meal Plan | Greer Childers

Greer Childers and the Body Flex GymBar For over 20 years Greer Childers has been sharing the secret of her amazing inch loss program. Millions of people have learned the secret and have experienced life changing results of fast inch loss and have transformed their bodies all through the power of deep breathing, resistance training and Greer's delicious meal plan.

Greer developed BodyFlex years ago out of frustration with being a size 14 to 16 no matter what exercise program she tried or what diet plan she followed. Within 90 days, this mother of three, was able to slim down to a size 4 to 6. She lost 10 inches across her midsection as well during this short time.

Greer is now 59 years old and still practices BodyFlex every day, and she has maintained her size 4/6 for over 20 years. She is a noted speaker and presenter, as well as author of the best selling book "Be a Loser". A message from Greer Childers

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